Lakeside Recreation Center Handicap Team Tournament
July 7, 2023 - July 29, 2023

1st Place - $2,000 (Based on 100 Teams)
Handicap 90% of Team Total 900

Four bowler teams open to Men, Women, or Mixed Teams.
Entry $120.00 (Prize Fund $80 - Linage/Expense $40.00)
Accepting Cash/Check/Credit Card.

Optional Singles Scratch and Handicap.
Prize Ration 1:10 - Handicap 90% of 225

Averages, Scores, and Entries have all been verified from our July Handicap Team Tournament.  

97 Teams (Cash 1:5 Ratio) 19 teams will cash.

Optional Singles (Cash 1:10 Ratio)

Men's Handicap 268 Entries, 26 Bowlers will cash

Men's Scratch 212 Entries, 21 Bowlers will Cash

Women's Handicap 76 Entries, 7 Bowlers will Cash

Women's Scratch 32 Entries, 3 Bowlers will Cash

Official Standings:

Payout Details: Team and Optionals

Any questions or protests you may email:  

Optional Events

Men's Handicap - Men's Scratch - Women's Handicap - Women's Scratch

Lakeside Recreation Center Handicap Team Bowling Tournament, Mundelein, Illinois


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